BMW is back again with another safety car for MotoGP, but in 2015, they're unleashing their dark side. Gone is the white livery with tri-color stripes that the past few cars have used. Instead, the new safety car is a BMW M4 Coupe in sinister-looking black.

I gotta say, it's one mean-looking safety car. It says, "You better get behind me and stay in line or I'm going to jump you in an alley when this is all over."

But it's more than just a pretty, er, nasty face. This safety car is the first BMW M model to feature water injection. BMW says the system sprays water into the intake module's collector in a fine spray, cooling the exhaust air and allowing the 425 horsepower twin-turbo inline six engine to operate with a higher charging pressure and an earlier ignition point.


Besides that, it has a raft of modifications to make it suitable for safety car duty, like an LED roof bar, a fire extinguisher, a carbon rear spoiler and some M Performance parts.

BMW has provided the safety cars for MotoGP and will continue to do so through at least 2020, according to a deal struck last year with the sport's organizer.