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BMW M1 Homage Concept Revealed!

Illustration for article titled BMW M1 Homage Concept Revealed!

Remember the BMW M1 from the late 70's and early 80's? Sure, we all do — how could someone forget the only BMW mid-engined homologated racer? Well, for you fans of that MotorWorken hotness, we've got an exciting bit of news out of the Concorso d'Eleganza at Villa d'Este, an Italian gathering hosting precious metal from all over the world. The Germans suprised everyone by bringing a piece of racing hotness hearkening back to those halcyon days of the late 70's — kind of a thirtieth anniversary present to lovers of the old M1. It's called the BMW M1 Homage concept, a modern-day interpretation of the mid-engined Bavarian exotic. So is this flame-surfaced M1 successor a future classic? Well, it's hard to say.


As of now, the M1 Homage is strictly a design exercise. We haven't seen shots of the interior, the mechanical bits, or of the vehicle in motion, so it may very well be no more than a hot body. The styling is directly influenced from not only the original M1, but also from that car's inspiration, the BMW Turbo Concept. So if history is to repeat itself, perhaps this Homage is a predecessor to a toned-down limited-production version, but don't hold your breath. There have been optimistic rumors of a BMW return to the mid-engined supercar game, and this would certainly be a bold first step. But we'll have to wait and see just how far BMW is going to take this concept. For now, we'll settle with gawking at the motionless photos of this modern automotive sculpture. [Photo Credit: BMW]

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Raphael Orlove

You know, the back isn't that bad, other than being a little flat. the front is growing on me, and the window profile is well executed, but overall, it looks squashed - Metamorphosis style. Where I think the design really falls is in the completely overdone section just before the rear wheels and the side profile in all. But then, I think the M1 looks great, but the Turbo concept looks terrible. Maybe when this gets toned down for production, it'll all even out.