You can put a Hayabusa in a dune buggy, VW Polo, your cereal. With the 'Busa swap becoming cliche, BMW's new inline-six motorcycle engine makes a good case for your next project. Ultimate driving (micro) machines are in your future.

The Hayabusa's become the tuner standard in lightweight, compact power with Suzuki's motorcycle motor producing a wild 170+ hp from just 1.3-liters. BMW's new motor for the K1600 touring series isn't quite as compact (though it's only 22-inches long), coming in at still-not-portly 1.65 liters, and offering similar power of around 160 hp. Slightly less rev-happy, the K1600's offering peak torque creeping towards 130 lb.ft at 5,000 rpm. Even better? 90 lb. ft of twist available above idle at 1,500 rpm.

Plus, instead of telling people you've dropped a tiny Japanese fourbanger in your vintage Mini you can tell them you've gotta "big" BMW inline-six. [Hell For Leather]