BMW Just Quietly Smothered The BMW Z4 Out Of Production

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According to German publication BimmerToday, BMW waited in the shadows until the last Valencia Orange Z4 Roadster rolled off the line before quietly ending production of the E89 forever last week.


With plenty of news and rumors (mostly rumors) about the upcoming Z5/maybe new Supra? BMW-Toyota partnership replacement, the Z4 has been patiently awaiting its demise. Apparently, it went out with not even a whimper, with a report claiming production ended on August 22nd. (BMW has confirmed previously that the car’s run would end sometime in August, so the timing makes sense.)

The E89 stuck around for seven years, moving more than 115,000 units. But it sadly never quite found a home between the Mercedes SLs or the Porsche Boxsters. With rumors that BMW’s joint development work with Toyota will not only spawn a Toyota Supra successor, but also potentially a Porsche-fighting Z5 (or whatever) roadster, I’m guessing the E89 Z4 will be quickly forgotten—if you haven’t looked over it already.

With a design that essentially just sort of exists and no current M performance models (or anything close), perhaps the Z4 was only ever meant for cruising off into the sunset. And now it has, forever.

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