BMW Has At Least One Quality Control Inspector Who Plays By Their Own Rules

We were sent this amazing picture of a brand-new BMW X5 by a dealer who’d like to remain anonymous, if you don’t mind. This is how the car came from the factory, with one black leather seat back, and one white one. Somehow, this made it past the final quality inspection. Somebody looked at this and said “Sure, looks great! Send it off!” Amazing.

It’d be fun to blame this on normally-fastidious Germans, but we really can’t since X5s are made at BMWs factory in Spartanburg, South Carolina. This one’s on us Americans.


Maybe someone ordered it this way? Maybe someone felt really strong about making a statement about diversity, or perhaps someone is just a huge fan of those black-and-white cookies. Maybe the driver is normally good, and the passenger is normally evil, and they wanted to have seat upholstery that reflected this dichotomy in the simplest possible way?

Really, almost any explanation is more believable than some quality inspector not noticing this. Because, come on–what do they use for QC over there, drunk moles who flunked out of community college?

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