BMW Gets Impaled By Metal Beam, Driver Somehow Escapes With No More Than A Scratch

A California driver got quite the earth (or window)-shattering surprise yesterday, when a nearby truck lost a metal beam that went straight through his windshield. The giant hunk of metal barely missed the driver, leaving him with just a scratch. Seriously.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a spokesman for the San Jose Fire Department said the incident occurred yesterday afternoon as the black BMW traveled down Interstate 280. After the metal beam fell into his windshield, the driver—single scratch and all—pulled over to the side of the road and parked the car.

The spokesperson, fire Capt. Christopher Salcido, told the Chronicle:

“Had the person been a little more to the right, it would have impaled him,” Salcido said. “It looks like he not so much dodged a bullet, but dodged a large beam of metal.”


San Jose firefighters snapped a photo for Twitter after arriving at the scene, warning followers to “always be alert” to their surroundings. Solid advice—driving behind big cargo trucks tends to make me nervous most of the time (read: all of the time), and it looks to be for good reason.

While the above photo could leave anyone dumbfounded as to how the driver escaped with virtually no harm, we at least know one thing—this is definitely not what they meant by “California Dreamin.’”

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So THAT’S why they call it a “Beamer!”