BMW E30-amino project on Craigslist

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There are cool craigslist finds and then there are vehicles found on craigslist so bizarre and fantastic it is nearly impossible to resist the temptation of purchasing them. Clearly this E30-amino project for $1900 currently listed on Tulsa, OK craigslist falls into the second category.

This E30-amino doesn't look like such a great proposition at first glance. Who knows what kind of body work disasters lurk underneath the far-too-yellow paint (to us, every yellow car is far too yellow). Beyond that lingering disaster, this E30 is an automatic and features tear your hair out bad bright yellow seats or terrible oversized rims. It needs brakes and enough various other odds and ends to keep you busy for several weekends.

Having said that, it's a custom E30-amino for less than two thousand dollars. How could it be bad? You can swap in a five speed and learn to find the humor in the radiant yellow front seats (or purchase seat covers). New wheels shouldn't be hard to find and you can spray the car any color except the one it is now.


Unfortunately (or thankfully) we are half a country away from the E30-amino which means we won't be the ones to take the Project Car Hell plunge with this affordable custom BMW. Even though it needs a little work we will certainly be jealous of whoever ends up purchasing this E30-amino. We hope for their sake they like yellow.

[Craigslist or go here if the listing disappears]