BMW Driver Somehow Survived This Guardrail Impaling Without A Scratch

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South African soccer player Rooi Mahamutsa slipped on a patch of wet road and slammed straight into a guardrail earlier this month, completely impaling his BMW. That sounds like the beginning of a tragic story, but it isn't. Incredibly, Mahamutsa survived without any injuries.

The Orlando Pirates player was driving near Marlboro, part of the city of Johannesburg, when he lost control of the BMW 3-series and it sent him careening towards a near-death.


Yeah, you might chalk his amazing survival up to the fact that in South Africa drivers sit on the starboard side of the car, but that still doesn't make up for the absolute miracle that he managed to survive at all, let alone the fact that he didn't even need a Band-Aid. Look at how cleanly the guardrail sliced through the car through the back:


Dude gets our "Luckiest Driver of the Month" award, which is an award that I just made up. He gets to sit next to me at every blackjack table I ever encounter for the rest of my life.


Photos credit Ryan Braybrooke