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BMW Driver Can't Handle A Little Competition

You'd think a BMW 335i driver lead-footing it on twisty roads would enjoy some friendly company from a trailing MazdaSpeed3. You'd be wrong. This putz comes to a dead stop and lets go with some totally uncalled for road rage.

(Hat tip to Trev!)


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At the risk of sounding like an internet toughguy, that BMW driver's lucky he didn't get run the fuck over, or clubbed by whatever blunt object the Mazda driver could've had in his car - or even shot. If some guy that's not a cop immediately pulls over and starts coming towards my car, I'm revving the engine and making sure he knows the car is pointed AT HIM. Barring that, there's a metal baseball bat in my car at all times. I doubt I'm the only one who thinks that way, and the BMW driver is foolish for not taking that into consideration.

No one in a "shitbox" is worth getting potentially attacked over.

To pull over like that and approach someone you don't know is extremely threatening; there's a reason everyone was alarmed by that unmarked cop jumping out of his car with his gun drawn towards that motorcyclist.

And huge props to the Mazda guy for keeping a level head.