What could be more relaxing than a spirited jaunt on a German country lane in a convertible? If you answered, "17 minutes in a dumpster full of clotted cream with Nigella Lawson," please focus. BMW released some b-roll of its new 128i convertible (yes, the same BMW 128i convertible we revealed to you mere moments ago — the drop-top version of the BMW 128i we revealed back in July, and yes, the same 1-series we saw the cloth pulled back on in Frankfurt) amidst a mild wringing on some Bavarian b-road. Its breezy cinematography makes us pine for those summer afternoons at the yacht club, relating bawdy jokes with the Windsor sisters and Edmund over gin and tonics. Oh, the squash matches we'd have. Then, we'd retire to Edmund's 325i convertible for line after line of Columbian high-grade. Ah, the tomfoolery.

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