Blog Hoonage: Fanaticism, Stupidity and Poorly-Formed Metaphors

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• This very well may be the world's most perfect test drive circuit. []
• This guy "will quickly glance at the mirror and profile your sanity. If you don't look like some gun-carrying lunatic...immediately hit the breaks and drive as low as 15 mph to teach you a lesson." That's right before he insists deaths caused by cellphone-talking car drivers are much more tragic than the war in Iraq, lung cancer, and oh yeah...the Holocaust. Oy. [Marginalizing Morons]
• God may be your copilot, but he's not going to save you from that speeding ticket - no matter what your bumper sticker says. []
• Studies in uselessness: a blinged out car for say, your kid's pet mouse. [Spulch]
• The photos may be artsy, but there's no denying that car is just rotting in your front yard. [When things of the Spirit Come First]
• It's like the "it's just like buying a car" metaphors are so subtle, you think it's actually about buying a car. [RCPMag]

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