Blip: What Do These Opel Taillights Remind You Of?

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Photo: Opel (Autominded)

One thing I’ve always liked about old Opels are their use of quad round taillights, with the inner ones being concentric circles divided between taillight/reflector and reverse lamps, and the outer ones bisected, sharing turn/brake light duties. Visually, they always reminded me of the hilariously-named Harvey Balls used by Consumer Reports to show ratings of things. What about all of you? Pokeballs? Donuts? Half-peeled blood oranges?

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Dubblewhopper- dubblewubble the fun!

I think if Chevy had any gumption, these tailights would have looked good on a US-spec C3 Corvette.

edit: That lady in the advert is a psycho ex, refusing the poor dude to leave his car.