Blip: Take Your Time And Really Consider That Armrest

Illustration for article titled Blip: Take Your Time And Really Consider That Armrest
Photo: Opel (Other)

I really like this picture combination from the 1965 Opel Diplomat brochure because it suggests that our cigar-slurping friend over there is really, really considering the shit out of that rear seat. Armrest, yes, yes, but how do I feel about it? Fake wood inlay on the door? Hmmmm. Let it all sink in, buddy, really take your time there, consider that sketch until it hurts mothergrabber, until it hurts.

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I love that illustration. It’s such a classic style (colored pencil and gouache on Canson paper) and reminds me of the all too many hours I spent doing just that same sort of thing in college.  The pic of the twat sucking a turd of a cigar while pretending to be important reminds me of why I didn’t go into advertising after I got my degree, though.