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Blip: I Was Close

I gazed into my crystal ball and was shown horrors of the future. Also Civic Type R specs.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Photo: Honda

Remember when the 2023 Civic Type R was first revealed, way back in those halcyon days of last month? Back then, I made some predictions about its specs using the highly technical and in-depth modeling algorithm known as “educated guessing.” Well, many of those same specs have now leaked (for the JDM model, at least), and I’m curious: How’d I do?

The new Civic’s horsepower is likely to change for the American market, but its overall dimensions probably won’t. So, let’s compare the leak to my predictions and see how close I got.


That’s not bad! Horsepower is the biggest difference, and I’m happy to aim low and be pleasantly surprised. I did say that, if the Type R moves to one global horsepower figure, it would be 320 — so an announcement on that front could mean I’m only off by six.