Blip: Don't Get Any Closer To That Jag!

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Photo: Jaguar

“Hey boss, I hired a photographer for the brochure shoot.”

“Great, anything we need to know about them?”

“Only that they’re very well-respected, had a great portfolio, and come highly recommended. And—”


“And what?”

“And they have a severe phobia of Jaguars.”

“The big cats or the cars?”


“Won’t that be a problem?”

“They said they had an idea? And it should be fine?”

“Okay, well, I’ll just trust you on this one.”

“I won’t let you down, boss!”

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Jaguar- looks best from 10ft away.

Jaguar - social distancing before it was cool.....

Here we have a Jaguar in it’s natural habitat. Pierce took his car out for a joy ride and it died for the last time. He pushed it to the middle of a nearby dry lake bed and walked way, never to see it again.