Blinged Out Big Rigs And The Women Who Love Them

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It can be hard to put women next to vehicles without creating an association of objectification, but the models in Roger K. Snider's ball-gown glamor semi truck calendars seem pretty proud to be part of the project.

Snider's 2014 Chrome And Elegance calendar features models Agnes Olech and Victoria Barabas wearing sexy formal attire specially curated to match some of the most ornate commercial cabs you've ever seen.

Snider seems genuine in his desire to blend two worlds of design rather than create another sexist gallery of "hot chicks n' trucks." The models admit to not being motorheads, but they articulate an appreciation for the work that they're posing with.


I'm inclined to like this a lot more than some sad-eyed failed actress bending over a bumper in a thong. The C&E photos seem to be about creating a cool image from a combination of elements that were all carefully considered, that's the main differentiator right there.

For the record and sake of equality, I appreciate Daniel Craig in a tux next to a DBS too.

Snider's vision was inspired by Peterbilt calendars of the 60's, which basically featured attractive women next to their then-new rigs with just a little more class than you'd expect.


This venture kicked off with a 2013 calendar, yet somehow I've been deprived of knowing about it until just now. Luckily it's just barely still January, so if they hustle up and send me one now I'll be able to enjoy almost all of the 2014 edition... I'll send you my address in a sec, Mr. Snider.

In case anyone's heading to Louisville for this year's Mid-America Trucking Show, apparently you could "win a chance to have dinner" with the calendar models if you stop by their booth. No word yet on who's buying.