Is planking still a thing? Are the kids still planking? Or are they crumping or doing horse or using their HAM radios now? I can't tell. Anyway, if planking's still a thing, these guys just won it. Oh, and no one was hurt, so we can be amazed at how nuts this is with clear consciences.

Well, as many commenters have pointed out, no one was seriously hurt, but there's some pretty nasty-looking road rash going on on some buttockses up there. So, have a bit of pity.

That remarkable image is a still from this video of a motorcyclist taking a blind turn on the wonderfully twisty Mulholland Highway and slamming right into a couple of cyclists. There's some interesting physics to be seen here, as the dense and heavy motorcycle continues on its path, while the light people and bikes get knocked out of the way.

That cyclist looks just like one of those molded-plastic motorcycle-riding to guys, arms and legs still in cycling position even though he's a couple of feet higher than normal and oriented on the wrong axis.


Incredibly, no one was seriously hurt, and I hope they all went out for a beer and hot dogs or something right after this and watched the video over and over again.


(Thanks, Arbroath!)