Bizzare Rituals Of A German Factory Cult

A turbocharger would fit in your hands if you pulled it off a car. The same part on an ocean liner’s engine is big as a studio apartment. Even if you understand the scale, this look at where some of the world’s biggest engines are made is just jaw-dropping to behold.

MAN Diesel And Turbo builds engines for all kinds of things from construction vehicles to commercial trucks, but those look like Lego toys compared to the massive machines that power ships like what we’re seeing assembled here.


If you think the piston at 00:23 is huge, the crankshaft ten seconds later will blow your mind. My favorite is the turbine wheel at 02:35 and whatever that spinning thing everybody’s torching at 01:45 is! Is it weird that I’ve watched this like six times?

Hat tip to Anthony!

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