Bizarro Hummer H3: Panhard A4 Fast

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It may look like a Hummer, but the Panhard A4 Fast is actually somewhat closer (in size, anyway) to the company's PL 17 of the 1960s. Powered by a 2.8-liter Iveco diesel inline four pushing out a meager 146 hp and 236 ft.-lbs of torque, the somewhat ironically named Fast is equipped with anti-mine flooring, ABS brakes and a range of nearly 500 miles. It can carry two troops plus cargo, or four if they're only taking along sandwiches and coffee.


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Mark Miller

OK, I'm waiting for the punchline that says something like the French have zero-tolerance for testosterone.

Sandwiches and coffee? ...shouldn't that have been tea? tehehe

Whereas the petit, très elegant PL-17 may be fine to take on picnics, for more raucous outings I've I've always been fond of the Panhard VBL light-armored amphibious 4X4.