Biker Rear-Ended By Own Mom: 'Fuck, Mom. Fuck!'

Oh, moms. They’re always there for us, worrying about our diets, speculating on our lack of sleep, and, of course, smacking our motorcyles out from our crotches with the front of their Hyundais. Like this mom did to her son a few days ago in Washington state.

The video was shot on the helmet cam of the son, and starts off innocently enough, with the two talking about someone who has conjunctivitis. Talking about people with eye infections is well-known to be one of the top 20 most common mom conversations.


The mom even ends the conversation by telling her son to “drive safe,” and, with soon-to-be-painful irony, to “watch out for idiots.”

Then we have a few minutes of normal, boring driving, until about 3:28 in, when mom slams into the rear of her son’s motorcycle, sending the bike crashing into the curb and her causing her son to drop to his knees in disbelief.

“Fuck, Mom! Fuck,” is his initial, remarkably astute commentary on the whole situation. He then follows that up with a more thoughtful “Goddamnit, Mom.”

Mom explains that she didn’t even see Jacob, her son, when she slammed into the back tire of his motorcycle. She’s pretty upset and apologetic, but I think it’s going to take a while for Jacob to come around on this one.

This is arguably worse than when my own mom told my 9th-grade girlfriend that she should date my friend Charles, because Charles was much taller than me. What the fuck, mom?

I’m pretty sure mom’ll be forgiven after a while. I mean, she’s his mom! He wouldn’t even be able to be almost killed on a motorcycle if it wasn’t for her, right?


Still, goddamnit, mom. Pay attention or someone’s going to take the keys to your Hyundai.

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When you’re mom’s all like “I don’t want you buying a motorcycle Timmy, they’re not safe” and you buy one anyways, so she runs you over just to prove a point.

LLike the automotive equivalent of don’t touch that it’s hot, I warned you it was hot”