Biker Chases Down Mercedes That Hit Three Cars And Ran

There’s a lot of determination exhibited in this video. First, there’s the determination of the driver of that 2008-ish Mercedes-Benz S-Class to be a colossal dick and hit three cars and then take off running, there’s the determination of the biker to not let him get away with it, and then there’s the determination of that S-Class to keep driving with pretty severe damage. That’s a lot of determination.

The video was shot by a motorcyclist/vlogger named, um, Dick Danger, a name that suggests a previous career in the adult cinema industry. Danger sees the S-Class driver sideswipe a car while driving on the wrong side of a double-yellow, then hit a pickup truck, then rear-end a Prius.


Danger gets close enough to record the driver’s license plate when the possibly impaired-via-something driver decides to bolt, his Mercedes leaking fluids and shedding shattered bits of body.

Here’s how Danger describes the incident:

I was coming home from a long day at work and the gym. As I was approaching the 215 fwy I noticed a black car driving very erratic. I started to move over into the right lane and that’s when he went into the WRONG lane and ALMOST hit head-on with another vehicle, side-swiping it instead and continued down 100 yards to hit 2 other vehicles. The black Mercedes sedan came to a stop while a Fire Marshall in the area called in for help. A few seconds went by and the driver of the Mercedes backed up his wrecked car and then fled the scene onto the 215 fwy going south

I made the split-decision to pursue the hit-and-run driver due to the fact that he appeared to be under the influence and might hurt or kill someone. Driver had tried to stop at different locations to hide but cannot out run me. I chased the driver all the way to the city of Moreno Valley until he gave up near the Cottonwood and Frederick intersection.

CHP was the first on the scene along with a few Moreno Valley Police Officers. Officers had detained the driver until a Colton Police Officer came and arrested the suspect.

While we can’t really suggest anyone emulate what Danger did in chasing down the driver, running red lights and taking risks, I think he had good motives, since the driver absolutely seemed erratic at best, and could easily have harmed more people.

The Benz’ steering was pretty messed up, and the driver remained erratic and dangerous throughout the chase. Eventually the driver (or perhaps the car) gave up. The driver exited the car to say, in hilarious understatement, “I was wrong.”

No shit, dude.

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Good off topic question.

I was coming home from a long day at work

Does anyone here have a great short day at work? Anyone ever say those words aloud? I mean even I say I had a long day, but hell I never have said, or hear anyone say, “I had a short day at work!”