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Bike owl is watching you!

Illustration for article titled Bike owl is watching you!

Austin resident Adam Norwood awoke one morning earlier this month to find this baby owl perched atop the rear wheel of his bike. It was, he said, "definitely the best excuse I've ever had for being late to work."


So what's the protocol for dealing with a baby owl that's suddenly made a home in your primary mode of transportation? We'll let Adam explain:

At the advice of some owl / bird rescue folks, we left him alone, and sure enough as soon as it started getting dark out he called (screeched, really) for his momma owl to come take care of him.

For a while we actually had TWO owls on my bike! She kept him well fed, and this morning I spotted him hopping away towards a tree, so I think all's well in his world.


If you want a good summation of what it was like to live in Austin for four years, that's it. Mostly well-meaning people in weird situations who tend to solve their problems by doing nothing.

Photo Credit: Adam Norwood

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