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Bike-Hating Jeremy Clarkson Rides A Scooter

Illustration for article titled Bike-Hating Jeremy Clarkson Rides A Scooter

The Daily Mail captured these pictures of Jeremy Clarkson riding a Vespa GTV around his village in the Cotswolds. The fat, balding Top Gear presenter’s hatred for motorcycles and those who ride them is well known, to the point where Clarkson once suggested that stretching wire across roads would help reduce their number. Ironically, not only is he riding a scooter, but it appears he's operating it illegally. The scooter Jeremy is riding is a Vespa GTV, which comes in 125 and 250cc versions. We don’t know if he has a motorcycle license, but if he doesn’t, Clarkson was violating the law by not equipping the scooter with L plates (which are used in the UK to signify that a learner rider is operating the vehicle). Learners are allowed to operate motorcycles of 125cc or less, so if this is the 250cc version, that could be a further violation. That machine makes about 22 HP and is capable of reaching 76 MPH, in excess of the national speed limit. Clarkson once said, “Some parents say drugs are the biggest threat to youngsters. I disagree. Every weekend, everyone under 25 takes crack, smack and E and very few are harmed. Bikes are far more dangerous.” [The Daily Mail via Moto Meme]


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Rob Emslie

So does this mean he's a Mod, and not a Rocker?