"Big Star In A Small Car" Is The New "Star In A Reasonably Priced Car"

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The "Star In A Reasonably Priced Car" segment will be "Big Star In A Small Car" for the U.S. version of Top Gear, because Americans can't be trusted to understand multisyllabic words. A list of the first big stars here.



This is weak sauce.

Instead of trying to cater to the nuances of American automotive culture, Top Gear USA is doing little more than trying to copy cat Top Gear UK by having a slightly rephrased segment to match every Top Gear UK segment.

Screw. That.

Making a show that is the US equivalent of Top Gear UK does not mean that you need to specifically copy Top Gear UK. Do things that appeal to US automotive culture.

For instance, how about recreating the roots of NASCAR with modern cars? Take a bunch of average, everyday cars and turn them into rum runners. Include the cops in it. It can be a training exercise for them trying to determine which car is the rum runner while simultaneously providing a whole hell of a lot of entertainment.

Or recreate the old Pony Express with a couple of Mustangs, a starting point, and a destination. See which host can get there the faster.

Or they could recreate the old dustbowl run in a period vehicle, and explore what it was actually like and shed light on the ingenuity of everyday people when it came to keeping their cars running.

There are so many awesome things that they could do, and instead, we get "Big Star in a Small Car" and a wannabe copycat "stig".

Excuse me while I don't give a damn about this show so far.