Big Rig Drag Racing Looks Like Every Breathing Person's Hell On Earth

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Le Mans. Indianapolis. Daytona. Suzuka. Such is the Pantheon of international motorsports. And into the Pantheon, steps a new challenger. Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce, Quebec, home of the annual Big Rig Drag Race. A race that would make all the people who want hybrids in F1 faint with quelle horreur.


But I'll be honest, I think I like the drag racing at the Accélération de camions à St-Joseph-de-Beauce even better than most traditional forms of truck drag racing, be they jet or otherwise. There's a whole bunch of mechanical noise, and acres upon acres of thick, choking diesel smoke. Sure, it's probably killing every last polar bear that Canada (and the world) holds so dear, but I can think of worse ways Quebec has tried to dump on the rest of the country.

And better yet, it's two stock(ish)-looking trucks, racing on public roads, with hills and people, way too closely to each other. It's completely absurd, and absurdity is always great.


But the best part is that it gives me another excuse to listen to Franco-Country, as if I needed one. Yes, Franco-Country, the most glorious of all the Countries. Hold onto your poutine, because this is the best jam you've ever heard in your goddamn life:

It's like Jean Chretien and Jeff Foxworthy had a kid, but a really terrible, amazing kid.

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David E. Davis

Hearing drag racing commentary in Quebecois French is very, very bizarre.