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Tim Ciasulli, CEO of Planet Honda and head of the Visionary Vehicles Dealer Board is way stoked. Completely, utterly and totally stoked. Stoked the point of irrational stokedom, in fact. As the head of a a family-owned dealership chain which has sold nearly a million cars, he claims he's never seen an opportunity as incredible as Brickin's Visionary Vehicles/Chery deal. He visited the plant in Wuhu, China and came back raving, saying, "I was in my hotel room in China when the BBC announced that General Motors was cutting 30,000 workers, 25 percent of their workforce.

"If I was not a part of the Chery/Visionary Vehicles venture, I would have felt despair for the auto industry in the United States." Now, all I can think about is that this is the golden opportunity of a lifetime." We're still pretty skeptical of the current Chinese cars, and we think Ciasulli's spewing a bit much in the way of hyperbole, but they are coming whether through Visionary's venture or otherwise and everyone else is gonna have to deal with it.

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