BFGoodrich Developed Windshield Wipers For Off-Roading

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Image: BFGoodrich

With dust, snow, mud, and water launching just about everywhere, off-roading can be quite a messy affair, which, in my opinion, is all part of the charm. Nevertheless, BFGoodrich has introduced a new set of off-road windshield wipers to make sure your visibility is never compromised.

Off-roading is one of those things that can get real expensive real quick. You blink, and suddenly you’ve outfitted your rig with all kinds of cool accessories that you’ve heard you might need. So, if you’ve been starting to run out of ideas, these wiper blades—clocking in at $79.99—may be for you.


As the off-roading name implies, these BFGoodrich wipers are inspired on the brand’s heavy-duty tires and feature something called Scrub-X Extreme Weather Performance, which is essentially the company’s fancy name for the fact that its wipers are good at sloughing off mud, bugs, snow, and any other grime you might encounter off the beaten path.

The wipers are also supposed to be weather repellent, which sounds a little kooky at first but basically means that they don’t let ice or mud build up on the blade cover. They do not actually prevent that stuff from touching the wipers in the first place, which would arguably be much cooler.


In all honesty, it sounds like a lot of marketing mumbo jumbo to me, but I’d be willing to be proved wrong out on the trail. A decent set of wiper blades is something I’d argue as being a necessity on your car (I bought $60 ones for my Mazda 2 which is, like, a third of that car’s total worth). But are these special designs any better than a good all-around set? I would have to be convinced.

Which also leaves me wondering—what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever bought for a specially-designed automotive purpose?