Beware the Red Bull Air Force

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What's the point of having money if you can't enjoy spending it? In their quest to keep teenagers from ever sleeping, the makers of Red Bull have acquired a hangar full of antique aircraft including a P-38-Lightning and a North American B-25J. Are they planning an invasion?


The planes are housed in Austria and include, amongst other toys, an F4U-Corsair a Piper Super Cub, Pilatus PC-6 Porter, the great Douglas DC-6, and a bunch of helicopters. It is overkill to the extreme, but if painting up planes in wild schemes helps preserve them there are worst sponsors (Oh no, it's the Depends Air Force!). They also have a Cobra attack helicopter.


Below you can see them showing off at the Berlin Air Show last year. And because they want to get people on all sides of global conflicts hyped up caffeine there's even an ME-109.

Are we sure Four Loko was pulled because it was dangerous? Or did they just get the crap bombed out of them.

(Photo Credit: Red Bull)

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BoxerFanatic, troublesome iconoclast.

Gotta love the P38... and the Red Bull one is glorious in polished alloy, with the black non-glare surfaces toward the pilot.

Too bad it doesn't appear to have the turbine-compounded Supercharged engine.

I have long wondered how one would re-design the P38 for turboprop or even somehow incorporating twin turbojet engines for outright thrust without airscrews, but keep the twin engines/fuselages, and bridged elevator between twin tails, with the central cockpit between them on the main wing spars.