Best Barn Find Ever: Two Brand-New BMW E30 M3s And A Fast Ford

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The RS Owners Club story begins with an amazing find: an E30 M3 with just 37 miles, yet concludes with something even more amazing: a second E30 M3 with 57 miles and, wait for it, a Ford RS200.

Now, if you're an average Jalopnik reader, you've likely just crapped your pants with jealousy. I know I have. The Ford RS200 was a Group B homologation special with a mid-mounted 1.8-liter four-cylinder sending 350 HP to all four wheels. Only 200 were ever made, purely to satisfy homologation requirements and almost all have been hidden away in private collections never again to see the light of day. This example has only covered 1,042 miles.


Slightly less rare, but almost as desirable, the E30 M3 is rated as the best handling car ever by many auto hacks, including this one. It was actually an homologation special too, this time for Group A Touring Cars.

The man who found and purchased all three of these cars is a fast Ford collector in Swansea, England. No word on his plans for the RS200, but one of the BMW's is being sent to a dealer to have all its gaskets, seals and other items that could be suffering from dry rot replaced in anticipation of its engine being started for the first time in 20 years. We wish we could be there to see it happen. [RS Owners Club]