Berserk Naked Racist Wig-Out Marks Another Day on the NYC Subways

It's not every day you see a mentally deranged young man shouting racial slurs strip naked on the 6 train and start randomly attacking strangers. I mean, spaghetti-hurling fights? Sure. Intergenerational wrestling matches? Absolutely. Bloody Loco? Of course. But the dramatic nudity here, combined with the obscenity and the random violence, make this one a "classic New York moment."

No fare is too high for the one-of-a-kind New York City subway experience! [via Twitter, video by Daniel Dickey]

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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

Mental illness is one of the biggest stigmas ever to be placed on a human in modern society. In the old days he would've been placed in a padded cell and seen to by medical professionals.

Nowadays in malevolent America (and elsewhere), he's more likely to be thrown onto the streets for the rest of us to deal with until one day he commits an act that has us asking 'how could this happen?'.

For all we know this guy, deep down is not racist, has or had a loving family and/or somebody who cares about him. But this is modern America, and if you're not part of the elite, you are nothing but litter and a liability to your family. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Right, welcome to your ideal world.