Bernie Ecclestone might just be the only man in the world who can bribe his way out of a multimillion dollar bribery case and then brag about it on his Christmas card.

If you've been following global publication Evil Muppet and Despicable Dictator Weekly, you'll know that F1's head honcho was put on trial for a $45 million bribery case and got off even though the judge stated that Bernie had indeed bribed someone to the tune of $45 million.


How do you get off for a crime after your judge states you're guilty? Paying $100 million to that judge's government works fairly well, apparently.

Bernie not only bribed his way out of a bribery case, he's now put out one of his famous Christmas cards showing himself as the victim in the case. The victim! He pictures himself as forced to give up his loot to a Zorro/Robin Hood/Dennis Moore type.

Formula Money tweeted out their card. The front side is above and here's the back.


I don't know if Ecclestone is now so old and senile that he really thinks he's a sole island of sanity in this chaotic sea of life, or if he's just rubbing his tactics in the face of everyone who wanted him imprisoned.


Probably the latter.

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