Berkeley Isn't Just About The Prius: Street-Driven Jaguar XK140

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Those of us who live in Alameda or Oakland might cringe a bit when our Berkeley neighbors once again make the national headlines for something silly, but the hometown of Philip K. Dick (not to mention plutonium) is a no-arguments international superpower when it comes to cool old cars- especially weird European machines- parked on the street. Citröens, 60s BMWs, and Fiats are all over Berkeley, and then there's the British stuff. Our friend and fellow Doctor of Automotive Journalism Davey Johnson was scarfing some grub at a B-town greasy spoon known as Chez Panisse when he spotted this Jag parked outside and was kind enough to send us his photos. Make the jump to read Herr Johnson's description.


Saw this parked on the street in front of Chez Panisse yesterday. Chatted with the owner for a bit. He's owned the car for 25 years and restored it twice. In good weather, he drives it three times a week or so. It was his dream car as a kid growing up in England; he's kept everything correct whenever it's needed repair; cool thing about the car and proof of its driver status: a City of Berkeley parking sticker on the rear bumper.

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And this is why people go to Project Car Hell. This car is what they see when they look at those dark and blurry Craig's List and eBay ALLCAP ads of rusted out, burnt up, shorted out, seized up, broke down, beat up, tore down, worn out, rotted Jags.