Mercedes-Benz just announced their new Porsche 911 fighter, and it's called the Mercedes AMG GT. We'd been calling this one the SLC previously, and while there's not much info just yet, we do know it'll have a V8 and will be based on a unique AMG-designed platform. It's coming in September, so if you're a 911 reading this, you've been warned.

In these pictures tweeted right from the Mercedes party by our beloved Editor-In-Chief, we can see a loose sketch of the general look, which appears to be that of a classic-sports-car-proportioned long hood/pert rear fastback design. This one's origins are from the abortive Viper co-development era, so it's possible it may share some platform bits with the sort-of lost Viper AMG SLS, but that's just speculation.


We've also seen a couple shots of the interior, which is very very red, like what it must be like to drive around a whale's heart. There's a bold-looking center console design that seems to be referencing a V8 engine, with 8 gauge/control cylinders arranged in twin banks of four, surrounding what looks sort of like a big inverted-U-handle shifter. Looks like a pretty good time in there.

So, 911, looks like you may have a worthy adversary coming this fall. We'll get you more information as we get it. Also, does that hyphen in "Mercedes-AMG GT" remind anyone else of the hyphen in "VW-Porsche 914?" I'm sure they had their hyphen people investigate the effects of that.

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