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Bentley To Offer Free Gas Delivery To Drivers Of Its Very Thirsty Cars

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There is a frankly perfect episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia in which the gang finds a brilliant way to end the gas crisis – door-to-door gasoline sales. Trust me, it makes sense. It makes sense to Bentley, too, because that’s exactly what it’s now offering.


Bentley’s offering the service through a phone app called Filld (which has a Twitter handle that is @getfilld, awesome), which basically consists of a guy in a pickup truck with a pump, two fire extinguishers, some chalk, some traffic cones, and 324 gallons of gas in the bed.

Seriously. The guy comes and puts fuel in your W12 Bentley (12 city/21 highway) wherever it’s parked, according to a Bentley press release:

In a first for Bentley customers, all owners need do is simply open the innovative Filld for Bentley app, choose a delivery time, and their fuel will be delivered wherever and whenever they require. This first-ever Connected Car integration means that customers don’t even need to unlock the fuel cap themselves, or identify the car’s exact location as this is done for them securely through the Filld for Bentley service.


And they really do mean wherever it’s parked. Up top is a photo the two companies sent out of one Bentley being gassed up that has been apparently abandoned in the middle of the street, for want of fuel.

Filld will also match its prices to the nearest gas station, plus a three dollar fee, which I’m sure Bentley owners will be agonizing over.

But still, not a bad idea. We do not yet know, however, which one of the gas delivery people will be the face, and which will be the wild card.