Bentley Sells Furniture for the Discerning Supervillain Now

All images by the manufacturer
All images by the manufacturer
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It is without a doubt that you, the Discerning Supervillain™, simply cannot embark on your destiny of world domination without first establishing your lair. The lair is where all good schemes are hatched, where all opponents are beaten into submission. Allow me, then, to introduce you to famed furniture brand Bentley’s newest offerings, perfect for any lair.


If you were not aware of this (and I don’t know why you would be), Bentley is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Bentley may have made a name for itself selling cars, but furnishing the home is where it truly shines.

The limited edition collection is created by Bentley Design and only includes just 100 pieces of each style, according to a press release. Oh, and each piece includes a very, very special Bentley Centenary logo “etched into metalwork.,” which honestly might pose as a problem if you’re trying to wash blood out of it. Someone else’s blood. Not your blood. Never your blood.

The three pieces include “a desk, an armchair and a matching foot stool.” They:

... “form an exclusive capsule collection hand-crafted using advanced techniques and contemporary materials. The metal frames of the pieces are crafted from gold-plated iron, whilst the dark stained oak features are brushed with liquid gold. Each piece celebrates the spirit of a glorious century, whilst looking forward to the years ahead.”

To make sure that you get the full effect of the furniture, Bentley even went ahead and photographed them in a dark-ass room, so you can more easily picture the pieces your own damp, dim, underground lair.

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Do you feel moved, Discerning Supervillain™? Do you feel urged to possess the darkly wooded chair and table, upon which you can sit and plot and also slam an unwilling hostage’s face, respectively?

Then hit up Bentley for all of your lair needs.

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