Let me tell you what the absolute worst thing in the entire world is: sitting the backseat of your Bentley Mulsanne or Flying Spur and not having any booze. I’m happy to report that Bentley has astutely spotted the problem and solved it with three new booze cooler options.

The first is The Refrigerated Drinks Cooler. It’s for the Mulsanne and Mulsanne Speed customers who like non-alcoholic drinks, although I’m not sure that that person actually exists.

“It adds the height of refinement to the height of refreshment.” - Actual quote from Bentley.

If that’s not to your liking, you can opt for The Illuminated Cocktail Cabinet. It’s made out of solid wood, and because it lights up, you can watch the world turn to mush while you get sloshed during the day or at night.

Two hand-blown crystal glasses included.

And if you’re still not impressed by the previous two offerings, you also have the option of The Refrigerated Champagne Cooler—dreamed up, no less, “after listening to the requirements of our Flying Spur customers.” Bentley likes to imagine that its customers will use this to chill a bottle of “fine champagne,” which I’m in full support of.


But then again, you’re reading this from a girl who used to drink Andre straight from the bottle. I think I’d fit right in here.

I’ll just leave this here: “...the cooler space has storage that can turn any journey into a celebration.”

Hilariously, nowhere on the entire webpage where this shit is being advertised does Bentley mention that using any of these options violates the open container laws enforced by most states. It’s true, while in some states a taxi or a limousine is exempt from open container laws, passenger cars sure aren’t.

So, unless you have registered your Bentley as a “taxi” or a “limo,” I don’t really see how you can watch “the world go by as you and your traveling companions enjoy your favorite drink,” without breaking the law.


I’m just going to go ahead and think that people who own Flying Spurs and Mulsannes aren’t really governed by anything as inconvenient as a “law.”

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