Bentley Driver Murdered In Mysterious Los Angeles Highway Shooting

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Jose Luis Macias was driving through Los Angeles last Friday in his Bentley Continental GT when someone fired multiple bullets into the car, killing him and shutting down Highway 101. The motive remains a mystery.

So far, police have been able to learn little about the driver of the $100K+ Bentley or understand why someone would want to kill him. Photos of the car show nearly a dozen holes caused by a shooting at close range. The Bentley crashed into the median after the barrage of bullets. He was pulled from the vehicle and taken to a local hospital where he died four days later.

Police had to shut down the busy freeway causing more than eight hours of traffic. thanks to everyone who sent in tips


[Source: LA Times, Photo Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times]

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So many theories. Here is another wild guess: Maybe some have-not just decided to take it out on one of those who had something. You don't need to drive like a prick to make people mad at you. Sometimes your appearance (or in this case your beautiful Bentley) is enough to get people all worked up. Even to the point of murder. Remember when they beat Jack Nicholson to death in 'Easy Rider'?.

But like I said, it's just another wild guess.