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This clip of the 2016 Bentley Bentayga running ā€˜round the NĆ¼rburgring has been circulating with disparaging commentary. I thought, come on itā€™s a Bentley, how bad could it look? Then I watched it.

All I see is a set of flying fish gills, a lotta bodyroll, and a weird driving line by whoeverā€™s at the helm. At least itā€™s quiet... you can hear birds chirping over the exhaust when the SUVā€™s not loading the left tires with 5,000 pounds of luxury.

As the resident truck and SUV guy round these parts, I donā€™t get the obsession with ā€˜Ring times. I canā€™t even get around my block as well as a professional racing driver, what do I care what they can do with it on a semi-open race track?

If the Bentayga is crazy-comforable, halfway decent off-road, and capable of pulverizing your average on-ramp Iā€™m sure it will be a resounding success. And I really hope I didnā€™t just get myself uninvited from the media launch because I bet the snacks are gonna be next-level.


Hat tip to Carscoops!

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