Illustration for article titled Bentley And Land Rover For Sale, Were Celebri... Uh, iWrestler/i-Owned!

Wrestletainer Dave Batista is clearing his garage! He's put an okay 2008 Land Rover and a very nice Bentley up on eBay, but there's only a day or so left. Loser gets hit with a folding chair!


The Land Rover is the supercharged model with custom rims and some aftermarket trim added, big threatening speakers in the trunk, and paint as Alaska White as the WWE fanbase. We can only assume it's for sale because it turned on him in a surprising act of sudden treachery!

The Continental Speed GT has had some mild chip-and-exhaust work, a grille kit, and custom wheels, but is mostly stock. Like Batista, it probably needs belts, but we assume it face-heel turns on a dime.


[eBay via Celeb Cars Blog]

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