Ben Folds Five -- 'Army'

Traffic sucks, so why not start your morning off with some music? You provide the toast, and we’ll provide the jams.


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True story: Last night my 9-year-old was asking for a bedtime story and he’s in the stage where he likes anecdotes about our lives. So I told him how one time in college around 1997 or 98, I sat in the 3rd row at a FREE concert on campus by the guy who sang “Rockin the Suburbs” on the soundtrack to Over the Hedge (it was a re-write, obviously, since kids can’t be asking how a producer with computers fixes all his shitty tracks...and also what’s a shitty track?)

He was amazed that a pianist was also the lead singer of a rock band, so I started listing off Elton John, Chris Martin, Paul McCartney and so on down the line.

He thought about my story, then said “Dad, you’re fucking high.”