Behold This Absolutely Gorgeous Martini Racing Boat

The Martini Racing livery is one of the most renowned and drop-dead prettiest in all of motorsports. We went nuts when we first saw it on a Williams F1 car this year, but putting it on this massive offshore powerboat, which we first saw on Driven/Urbandaddy, might be even better. Because bigger.

And bigger means that even if you wanted to look away, you can't, but it doesn't matter because you will never ever ever never ever never want to look away anyways.


Martini's got a long history sponsoring not only race cars, but race boats, too. Here's one from back in 1976:

I'll be the first to admit that that livery looks alright. Pretty good, but not spectacular. And that's why the future is all about progress. Because seriously, just look at the latest Vector Martini V40R offshore boat from another angle.


It's all white and black and red and blue and GGGAAAAAAAAHHHHH I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT.

Unfortunately, even if I had the millions it took to buy an offshore racing boat and cover it in Martini colors and spend the billions it takes just to fuel one up just for a jaunt down to the beach and then die the world's happiest man, you can't actually have one yet.


Because they're not done putting it all together. These shots are just CGI renders of a finished product.

But! It really is truly getting built, and it should be ready to hit the water soon. Once it does, it'll compete in the London-to-Monte-Carlo Venture Cup race on June 7th.


Until then, it lives on, in my dreams.

Photo credits: Vector Offshore Racing

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