Yesterday was such a strange day for lovers of the wagon with breaking news both good and bad. While the coming of the 2009 Audi A4 Avant was met with pride over the multi-ringed automaker's embrace of the wagon, nary a tear was shed over our breaking the news of the death of the Ford Taurus X by 2010. Such a strange day providing news on both the low and high points of hot rear-end action is making us get all sentimental. So, in order to provide all of us the opportunity to geek out over the world's most underrated automotive form factor, we're announcing that today is Maximum Wagon Day here on Jalopnik. We'll start our wagongasm on the still creaky and strange internet of 2000, with the story of a site created by a thoughtful internet pioneer with a singular vision of bringing station wagons to the online world. It was a time when Google had just started selling keyword ads and such delightfully antiquated nuggets of verbiage such as "Click here to do a 'Yahoo!' search" still littered many-a-site. These old-school days found eBay auction items numbered with a mere nine digits — fer crissakes, they're up to 12 now. Nonetheless, with the requisite comic sans font and animated gifs, was registered and off to the races.

We're thinking about what it takes to run a site nowadays and webmaster Steve Manning had to be a serious web ninja at that time to dig up all-wagon all-the-time coverage. Sure a lot of their links have long since gone cold, but there is still some solid gold in there, 1959 Chevy wagon on a boat anyone? Like super tipster (is that like a superdelegate?) Mad_Science, we think there's great potential here. We envision daily rants about the superiority of wagons to all manner of crossover and SUV. Amusing postings about crude and strangely engineered Soviet-era wagons. Station wagons with monster truck tires or horribly dilapidated ones proposed as project cars, wagons covered in neon lights and chrome... wait a minute.