Behold the Mind Blowing Amount of Trash Left over After NASCAR's Talladega Race

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Photo: Talladega Speedway (Twitter)

The infield at Talladega is notorious for its parties and what I’m sure is a disastrously good time. But what you don’t always see is all the shit everyone leaves behind when they clear out of the infield after the race. Thankfully, Talladega Speedway’s Twitter account took us on a walkthrough of the most inspiring, disgusting trash they found!


If you’ve never been to a race, I can tell you from firsthand experience: People turn into animals. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it looks like when humans just cease giving a fuck, I highly recommend finding your nearest infield campground. Or just follow along on the Talladega Twitter.

You should definitely scroll through that entire thread, because it’s all great (and by great I mean objectively awful). Why did someone discard their leg brace? A whole entire TV? And what the hell happened here:

Why in God’s name do people just leave an entire furniture set at the track?


At least those still look... relatively usable? Like they can be cleaned of general race car filth and campsite shenanigans and placed in a new, loving home (or maybe just someone’s front porch). Some armchairs didn’t make it out so unscathed.


And then, of course, there’s just some straight up dickheadery. I never been so drunk at a track campsite that I haven’t been able to put my trash in the proper trash receptacle, and I have been really freakin’ drunk at the track.


I have a long list of races I’d like to go to—absurd experiences I’d like to have so that I can write about them for you folks here at Jalopnik. The Talladega infield is on my list. But after just barely surviving my time at the Coke Lot during an unfortunate Indy 500 weekend, I’m thinking I might need to be accompanied by a chaperone on this one.


Definitely a chaperone.

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I say this as a former NASCAR fan and as commentary of this article but...

It seems most of the trash did actually go home :)