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Most wild monster truck tricks have already been done. The first car crush was decades ago. They’ve been doing backflips for a while. But a front flip? Behold, in all of its violence, extravagance, and glory.

History was technically made over a year ago, but the people over at Monster Jam just got around to posting the video:

The theory behind a backflip is easy enough. Find an exceptionally curved mound of dirt, almost like a skateboard quarter-pipe, hit the gas, and let momentum swing you around vertically. For a front-flip, however, things are different. You first need to start doing a wheelie (itself not half-bad), then you need to maintain a good speed on just your back wheels, and then you need to slam into something to bring you around.


It doesn’t exactly look comfortable, but it looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

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