Behold! The First Episode Of The Torchinsky Files, Where I Yammer At You From My Basement!

When I express my fondness for you, our regular Jalopnik readers, it’s not some contrived bullshit to curry your favor. I actually mean it. For the most part, I read the comments here and I like what I’m reading, whether I agree or not, and, on the internet, that’s a big deal. That’s why I’m not going to lie to you: we’re starting this weekly show because, well, it’s relatively easier to produce every week than most of our videos, which tend to be outside, with cars. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun!

Yes, The Torchinsky Files, or, as I’m likely to mistype it frequently, The Torchinsky Flies, is just me in the same basement I spend most of my days anyway, talking to you about cars and old obsolete computers and video game tech, focusing on impossibly trivial automotive details with far, far too much eagerness than is seemly.


It’s a lot like just hanging out with me after you’ve secretly fed me a couple of Adderall, but with a lot less stench.

Oh, and yeah, I think we do repeat the name too often at the beginning, and I’m not sure what the hell that shoulder thing I’m doing is about, but I’ve seen myself do it before.


The plan is to crank out one of these a week. They’ll be short and hopefully fun, and if there’s anything you’d like to see me address—and, really, it can be anything at all—I’m happy to hear you out and see what I can do.

For this first episode, I’ll be giving you a little behind-the-scenes look at how Jalopnik stories are made, and I hope you’ll find it fascinating. At the very least, it should confirm some long-held suspicions.

Sound good? I hope so. Come on and hang out in my basement! Feel free to touch stuff; a lot of it probably won’t even shock or cut you, much!

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This is now my favorite thing.

I can’t wait for you to bust out that book on pilot lights.