Behold The Ferrari F40 LM As It Was Meant To Be Driven

Everyone loves the Ferrari F40: one of the most insane supercars ever made. Here is the F40 LM—the most brutal, track-focused variant of the F40—getting absolutely hooned on Circuit du Mas do Clos in France by ex-Formula One driver Jacques Lafitte. Turn your computer's volume on full blast. You're welcome.

Welcome to Onboard of the Week, a new feature where we spend that pesky time between race weekends looking at awesome footage from inside the car.


We love the F40 LM not in spite of its analog nature and difficulty to drive fast, but because of it; because we wish we were that person who was capable of giving it a proper whipping on track. This is not a comfortable Ferrari meant to shuttle trophy wives to the mall. This is a harsh track weapon meant for pure speed, and pure speed only. It will not help you out of applying too much throttle, or fix your line when you blow an apex. It will come back and bite you. Hard.

Jacques Lafitte, shown here on the French television show "Turbo," is one of the few men who can get a lap in the F40 LM right, and here it is. We've featured a lap of his before where he absolutely thrashed a Countach.

Here, you can see the entire car violently shake as the stiff chassis thrusts forward at lightning speed, and Lafitte intently managing it like a boss. Mas du Clos doesn't exactly have a ton of runoff everywhere if you get it wrong.


Getting a lap right in this car is a work of art, and that turbocharged V8 howl is music to my ears. Enjoy.

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Jonathan Harper