Behold: The Dumbest Sports Fan On Earth

There are bad judgement calls, and then there’s hiding in a hole so a race car will drive over your head.

his guy knew enough to hold his phone horizontally, but didn’t think it’d be a bad idea to lay down in a speeding racer’s path?


Luckily his hiding abilities weren’t that good and the next car to come through is able to stop before committing manslaughter. The Cops Racing Team’s Class 10 buggy sneaks by, covers him dirt, and while it looks like he gives the car the finger (seriously bro?) he scampers off to the relative safety of the sidelines.

This dingus’ display is especially heartbreaking to see after this year’s Baja 500 race killed an eight-year-old spectator standing an unsafe area.

The video was uploaded by the Offroad Tijuana Facebook page (an endless source of things to shake your head at) in early April so it couldn’t have been at the 2016 500. But it could have been any other desert race anywhere. It’s impossible to police people over hundreds of miles of open desert, and unfortunately a lot of folks decide to pick this time to make extraordinarily bad decisions.

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