Behold The Amazing Forgotten Mercedes 500 SL Rally Car

I’d somehow gone all my life without realizing Mercedes built a rally car out of the R107 Mercedes SL, so when I bumped into one at the Legends of the Autobahn event in Pebble Beach I nearly lost my mind. Rally 500 SL! RALLY 500 SL!


Apparently, a bunch of C107 Benzes did well enough in WRC events to place 4th in the Manufacturer’s Championship, which inspired program head Erich Waxenberger to build a lighter, faster platform. This is the result.

Unfortunately, the Mercedes-Benz board wasn’t as excited about the program as some and it was discontinued and the cars never raced as factory entrants (although some privateers did use the cars). It’s an incredible looking vehicle and a bummer that it never raced.

Photos: DW Burnett / PUPPYKNUCKLES, author

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