Before he crashed his Enzo, Stefan Eriksson raced a Ferrari 360 at Le Mans

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You may remember a certain Swede named Bo Stefan Eriksson. He’s the Swedish criminal-masquerading-as-tech-executive at the smoke and mirrors company Tiger Telematics, makers of the Gizmondo game console, and who, on a fateful day in February 2006, propelled a Ferrari Enzo at 200 mph into a pole on the Pacific Coast Highway, an event which resulted in a criminal investigation that unraveled his illicit empire and launched a thousand internet memes, amongst them our very own Save The Enzos campaign.


Eriksson had been a car nut before that day with the red Enzo. In the summer of 2005, he lived for 218 laps the fantasy of everyone with money in the bank and a penchant for fast cars: he entered a Ferrari at Le Mans. That’s Mr. Eriksson himself in the team photo above, hulking behind the Gizmondo-sponsored Ferrari 360 Modena GTC entered by UK-based Cirtek Motorsports, flanked by his two teammates Dietrich Joe Macari and Rob Wilson.

Mechanical trouble spelled the end of their big weekend out on the Sunday morning of the race after a respectable 218 laps, compared to the 370 completed by the winning Audi R8 of Kristensen, Lehto and Werner.

Another Cirtek-entered Ferrari at the same race was driven by another man you’ll recognize: Russian pop star and game show host Nikolai Fomenko, president of Russian supercar manufacturer Marussia, engineering director of Richard Branson’s Formula One team Marussia Virgin Racing, and co-host of Top Gear Russia.


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Wow. Fomenko: pop star, entrepreneur, tv host, engineer.