Become An '80s Homologation Hero With This Ford RS200

Photo: Bring A Trailer

Ford was doing some pretty impressive work with the RS200 rally car in the mid-to-late 1980s. With 146 examples built for the road, Ford fulfilled its homologation obligation, and made some very happy customers in the process. In order to be competitive, Ford slapped this mid-engine turbo monster together practically in an afternoon, and started competing. This is not a competition example, and its not the more rare one-of-24 Evolution models, but it’s fast. And good.


This exact car lives a handful of miles away from me in Minden, Nev. and judging by the photos in the sale ad, I know right where that storage unit is. I’ve driven through middle-of-nowhere Minden dozens of times on my way to more important cities, usually to see exciting cars. If I’d known this car was in situ just a stone’s throw away, I’d have been banging down the door for a glimpse.

It just goes to show that automotive royalty can be hiding behind any door. It also goes to show that people who own rare and expensive cars should absolutely take every opportunity to bring that car out for display. It’s a crime that this car has driven only 1135 miles in 32 years.


I urge you to bid on this car, and not only drive it, but bring it out to shows, inspire a new generation of car folks by letting children sit in the driver’s seat and make beep beep vroom vroom noises. You can do a good thing for the car community, while also doing the selfish thing of buying this car for your own personal enjoyment. But actually enjoy it. Take it to a track day, or drive it to get groceries once in a while. It’s a really big and really expensive toy, and it should be played with.


Do it. You know you want to. You can see more photos and information, and place your bids over on Bring A Trailer.


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